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A global award founded in partnership with Magnum Photos. Winning images will be exhibited at prestigious locations around the world, and also be part of the first exhibition in space.

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Deadline 26 March 2020. An award seeking to address the gender imbalance in the photography industry, by giving a platform to exceptional photography by women across the globe.

Open 28 Feb 2020

Open 3 March 2020. An award-winning nationwide photography exhibition in partnership with JCDecaux. Exhibit your work to millions across the UK and get published in a globally-distributed book.

Open 7 Aug 2020

Open 1 September 2020. A groundbreaking international award, creating opportunities for emerging and established photographers to exhibit their work in the most reputable galleries around the world.

Open 31 March 2020

Open 22 April 2020. Groundbreaking new Award.

Open 16 June 2020

Open 30 June 2020. One of the world's leading showcases for contemporary photographic talent. Get your work published in British Journal of Photography and win a solo show at a leading London gallery.

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Photo Credits: Nigel Clarke (Portrait of Britain), Kortney Roy (Female in Focus), Alexander Mourant (OpenWalls), Anna Mia Davidson (Portrait of Humanity), Sara, Peter & Tobias (IPA).